Ferrous metals are metals that contain iron, including wrought iron, cast iron, steel and stainless steel. Common sources include old cars, household appliances, steel beams, railroad tracks, ships, food tins, bottle tops, paint cans and aerosols.

Types of scrap used in steelmaking

  • Heavy melting steel. Industrial or commercial scrap steel greater than 6mm thick, such as plates, beams, columns, channels; may also include scrap machinery or implements or certain metal stampings.
  • Old car bodies. Vehicles with or without interiors and their original wheels.
  • Cast iron. Cast iron baths, machinery, pipe and engine blocks.
  • Pressing steel. Domestic scrap metal up to approx. 6mm thick. Examples - White goods (fridges, washing machines, etc.), roofing iron, water heaters, water tanks and sheet metal offcuts.
  • Re-inforcing bars or mesh. Used in the construction industry within concrete.
  • Turnings. Remains of drilling or shaping steels. Also known as borings and swarf.
  • Manganese steel. Non magnetic, hardened steel used in the mining industry, cement mixers, rock crushers, and other high impact and abrasive environments.
  • Rails. Rail or tram tracks.


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